Dharma means good deeds, aims and intentions. Dharma Factory: factory of good deeds. We set the wheels in motion to design creative communication campaigns and we like to do this through elements, projects and deeds that add value to society.

We produce for...

...companies, organisations and institutions seeking to interact directly with society in general or with a specific sector.

What we bring

We position our clients in the social sphere, adding value and commitment to their brands and products.
We are flexible and like working as a team with our clients.
We work during the whole process in each campaign:

Project Management and CSR Campaigns


Marketing & Communication


Creativity, Design and Content


Strategic consultancy


Work with us

We are extremely grateful for the trust and support from all the people and companies we have worked with and continue to work with.With each of the companies and projects we have implemented, we have grown together, adding our grain of sand to the process of building a better and more responsible world. We’re really happy you’re all here!

Ah We’re also very proud of being a member of


The way companies are seen and exist is changing rapidly. These days, an SME can move more resources and projects than a multinational, or a group of teenagers can, from their garage, create a product that changes the way the whole world communicates.

Large companies are no longer giant buildings full of people working 8 hours a day. Large companies are the people able to think creatively, organise, navigate social networks and communicate.

¿Therefore, who is the Dharma team?

It would be an injustice to say that the Dharma is limited to the people on the payroll, or the 100 or so people we have given work to this year through our campaigns;

or the large number of freelancers we regularly work with. In our opinion, we are all Dharma! All the professionals we work with on a daily basis!

However, if we wanted to define ourselves, we would proudly say we are an SME, due to our core team which is the heart of the company,


The core of our team features:

Alma del Sol Treviño
Managing director

Passionate about communication, and social and educational matters. An expe...

• • •
Idoia Miranda
Project Manager

I’m interested in social media, education and advertising. Expert in th...

• • •
Romina Lardiés
Artistic Director

I love imagining and playing with creativity. Designing universes and chara...

• • •


We have specialised staff in the areas we love working in: creators, writers, journalists, educators, promoters, designers, programmers and many more professionals who work hard towards helping brands with their Communication and Social Responsibility policies.

Alma del Sol Treviño

Managing director

Passionate about communication, and social and educational matters. An expert in Corporate Social Responsibility and NGO Management. Entrepreneur of projects with an innovative social aspect.

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems."

Mahatma Gandhi

Idoia Miranda

Project Manager

I’m interested in social media, education and advertising. Expert in the social communication sector and with a degree in Project Management Technique. My work at Dharma involves taking the campaigns and projects we develop into the field and achieving objectives.

In my free time, I’m often found pursuing my passion for photography, at a concert or travelling. I believe in cooperation and in the involvement of all players in our society in order to achieve social change.

"All things in the world are two"

Eagle Chief of the Pawnee Indians

Romina Lardiés

Artistic Director

I love imagining and playing with creativity. Designing universes and characters. Graphic designer and illustrator specialised in educational projects and wellbeing for childhood.

When I have free time, I enjoy nature, and I like music and cinema.

"If what we write doesn’t touch anyone’s heartit hasn’t been written yet. If what we draw doesn’t light up a gazeit hasn’t been drawn yet."

Jorge Luján

Contact us!

We are in Barcelona, if you want to pop by for a tea and tell us your ideas.But let us know in advance in case we’re outdoors enjoying nature, seeking inspiration for a creative meeting.

  • C/ Pelai, 32. Principal. 08001 Barcelona
  • +34 935 180 971
  • hola@dharmafactory.com


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